Integration of Tracer in Cloud Computing Environment

The first three tracks focus on building the needed data collection and control, the cluster-wide data aggregation, and the system modeling framework. Track 4 looks at the specific interesting problems in representative clusters at Ericsson, Revolution Linux and ETS. Dedicated analysis modules will be built to address these specific problems, validating the efficiency, scalability and flexibility of the framework being built in tracks 1, 2 and 3. They will accurately measure the behavior of each cloud and application, including their current usage of all the resources, in response to virtualization and migration actions. These results will be used to develop data models for specialized clouds.



Team members

Sarah Khazri ETS Master Student
Mohamed Badr Sbai ETS Master Student
Hicham Abdelfattah ETS Master Student


Documents and presentations

Efficient Network Live Operating System Trace Streaming and Processing

later(Not yet published)

Large-scale performance monitoring framework

LTTng Update

OpenStack Assessment : Profiling & Tracing

Large-scale performance monitoring framework

Large-scale performance monitoring framework for cloud monitoring

Profiling cloud-based applications

Performance analysis of intra data center network